Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guy Babylon Memorial Concert Hall

First up, a favorite of Guy's I saw with him and our friends on the University of South Florida basketball court in 1976. Huge place, considering, and honor inviting me along.

Yes I'm aware this tribute to Guy is YouTube,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


So there was a band, The Elders from Tennessee. They would play at Tampa's Academy of Music, where I saw them once, and before that an outside show on campus in 1976. They covered Progressive Rock and their opus was brilliant. Can't find them. No reference anywhere. ... .

In The Elders stead, Spring 1977, St. Petersburg Convention Center, we saw

And this is ELP Zurich 1970

So a year after meeting Guy, the next Spring of 75, I was finishing high school in the Orlando area and our friend asked what I was doing about seeing live shows because they were in Tampa. And it just so happened his brothers and I had tickets to see this wonderful band in the Orlando Sports Stadium that, out of the band's generosity, were 99 cents. 
Ladies and gentlemen, because this particular album is shot through with such excitement, and touches on environmentalism before becoming a fad,
And then of course Camel's Mirage was/is just so cool.


M. C. Escher Page

And now, Guy and Kathy Brown-Babylon's son Ben.

The Ben Babylon Band


This is the first song I heard with 

made life more vivid.

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