Friday, July 7, 2017

Art Installation

Dear Art Funding Provider, 

This inquiry wonders whether your organization is interested in sponsoring a symbolic gesture? 

The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service, has been read, and recorded in sequence, to the Fourth Chapter, in New York City as The Bike Shop Book Tour. The book is an insightful, competent, parody of the Cold War. 

I've read in three bicycle stores and Woody and Pete's Honky Tonk Lyceum. Chapter 2 was recorded at various lower Manhattan locations following the protagonist's goodbye to New York night bike ride before going to Moscow, USSR. Ending in Times Square where the traffic incident, involving Dr. Hammer's limousine, happened. Leading to the Moscow messenger service before 1991's Soviet August Coup, during which Hank Greenway wrote much of the novel's prose, as a memoir, in a dacha attic, hiding from the "vanguard of the proletariat," Srilenko.

In addition to wanting to read at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London, I would like to rent, and read in Historic Sanford Memorial Stadium. Sanford, Florida. Though portions of Chapter 4 were read, at night, by myself, near the doorstep of lawyer Roy Cohn's 39 East 68th Street address due to an indifference to the dark effect. 

I aspire to something different, and of commercial broadcast quality for Sanford. Read from pitcher's mound facing the first baseline. The last place Jackie Robinson was so harangued he couldn't complete the run to first and left the game. The last time he stood down. But not the last time prejudice seeped from a cracked fa├žade. I've read up to page 120, in the book, and the Sanford Memorial Stadium section, involving the protagonist, is from page 153 - 156. That includes a high school marching band's halftime show better read than rendered paraphrased.

Charles M. Fraser

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